Advaita yoga

Advaita (non-duality) yoga is a meditative style of yoga that involves investigation and exploration of the body, mind and senses, leading to non-dual experience—the experience that all is one.

We explore the body and mind, gradually relaxing and opening any held tensions or feelings that are encountered. Asanas (poses) are generally held for moderate periods of time. Rather than using effort, we surrender the body and mind to the asana.

This process can be described as being meditative or contemplative in nature, and it can also become energetic and dynamic as required. With ongoing exploration and surrender, you come to navigate deeper and subtler layers of experience, allowing further relaxing, opening, awakening and clarity.

There is often a theme or focus to each session and an opportunity for discussion at the end of class. The session is adapted to suit the immediate needs of the participants.

No experience is required and everyone is welcome.

Cost & booking

Visitor: $10
Existing clients: Free

Please confirm your attendance as classes are small and space is limited.


Wed 11:00am–12:00pm
Thu    2:00pm–3:00pm
Sat     2:00pm–3:00pm

Dates may vary. Please click the button below or check our Facebook page for class schedules.

What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing and, if you wish, you can bring your own yoga mat, cushions or blankets.

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