Holistic counselling

Even though we live in abundant times with more technology, comfort and opportunity than ever before, many people are stressed, depressed and unsatisfied with life. Despite following the recommendations of society, working hard, studying, achieving goals and trying to be a “good person”, lasting peace and happiness can still remain elusive.


It is natural to reach a point where we feel some guidance or counsel is required to gain deeper insight, and end this search for happiness once and for all.


Holistic counselling helps one explore the nature of the mind, body and spirit as one, with the intent of coming to see life clearly, realising the truth of who we are, and understanding what is actually taking place here and now, in present experience.


Unlike some other forms of counselling, this counselling is less focused on passive discussion, life strategy and goal setting, and more on the real-time investigation into our deepest beliefs and conditioning.


With the understanding that it is our mind’s beliefs and conditioning that filter the way we see and experience life, we can investigate and see what thoughts may be causing problems and work our way towards the root of the problem.


Together we look and see what’s real, what’s true, and bring to light the peace, happiness and beauty of your true nature.

Sessions can be held in person or via Skype.

Spiritual mentoring

For those on a "spiritual path" or more "spiritually" inclined, our spiritual mentoring offers loving and supportive guidance for anyone interested in spiritual awakening or the embodiment of that insight into full realisation.

The teaching used is always personalised, and rooted in Jay’s own apparent 12-year journey towards discovering the truth of who and what he already was. That realisation loves to be shared, both via discussion and silence with anyone who is sincerely interested.

Sessions can be held in person or via Skype.

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