Jay’s interest in spirituality and psychology (stemming back more than a decade) began after a trip to India triggered an interest in Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. This interest eventually led Jay towards the non-dual teachings of Jean Klein, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramana Maharishi, working one-on-one with some of these masters' students and studying their classical texts in great detail. Jay also completed a 10-year long mentorship with holistic psychotherapist Greg Neville, studying his work of over 30 years' understanding of the mind-body connection and its role in specific diseases.

Over time, all of this guidance, support and wisdom came together, resulting in a shift of perspective that Jay often calls “seeing clearly”—coming to see clearly what we are, what is real, and how this manifestation we call life is unfolding. Through the embodiment of this perspective, life is experienced as open, free, non-dual, only one, only the self. 

Jay loves to share this non-dual perspective with those truly interested; helping them to “wake up” and see the truth and beauty of who and what they really are.

He does so in person and online in the form of holistic counselling sessions, yoga classes and spiritual guidance sessions, as well as regularly sharing free content online on his blog and YouTube channel.

When Jay is not working and sharing this perspective, he lives a very quiet and simple life. Raising a daughter, spending time with loved ones, playing music, hiking in nature—all this simply happens while enjoying the beauty of life.

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