• Jay Logan

Ask and it is given

Recently while sitting in a waiting room, I noticed a young lady reading a book titled “Ask and it is Given”. I had heard someone talk about this book before and remember it being somewhat about the “law of attraction” and such.

Seeing the book title triggered writing to begin, and this is what came to be on a scrap of paper.

True lasting peace and happiness do not come from having a certain number of desires being asked for and fulfilled.

It comes from investigating the source of this desire, this one who desires, until the end.

When the search is exhausted, when “no-one” can be found, your true identity reveals itself.

You discover that peace, love, happiness and fulfilment are simply the perfume or fragrance of your true nature, what you really are. All this lifetime, you’ve been looking for fulfilment in experiences and circumstances, when all along it was right here.

Of course, It’s fine to play with life. Why not live a life of abundance, adventure, joy and fearlessness? But true fearlessness and contentment can only be found when this investigation of what life really is has come full circle.


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