• Jay Logan

Beginner's mind: Seeing things as they are

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a baby or young child, and sensed the pure wonder and awareness that shines through them?

Have you felt the joy, admiration and love as they gift you a smile?

Have you noticed how they can hold your gaze without flinching or feeling uncomfortable?

This is pure witnessing. Pure awareness. Pure presence.

This is beginner's mind.

There is no story going on in the baby’s mind; no agenda or preferences. Likewise, no ego, no formed beliefs about who or what they are, what this world is, or whether they are separate from it.

To the baby, there is just “this”. 

Beginner's mind is not something only babies can experience though. It’s something you can experience right here and now. It can be a beautiful and welcoming way in which you interact with life, moment to moment.

It’s as simple as momentarily dropping all our labels and concepts about things. Just see things as they are, naked and clear. Be a beginner; know nothing at all.

This beginner's mind, this clear seeing, is reality—is truth.


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