• Jay Logan

Come back to Earth

Updated: May 28, 2019

Recently I've come to appreciate more deeply the effect that being in nature has on my physiology. How it soothes and grounds me. 

Often, the demands of daily life leave us cooped up in concrete structures several storeys above the ground. We scurry about throughout our days, rarely stopping to consider our connection with the earth. 

In reality, our bodies are extensions of the earth. Our tissues are built from the materials it provides. Over time, we begin to forget we are a part of this organism, and feel we are separate or alone.

Just sit for a moment in nature.

Without your phone, books or other distractions. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot, or lie on the earth. Let the environment consume you. Merge with the earth and feel the connection. Come back to Earth for a moment and see how you feel. 


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