• Jay Logan

Depressed about being depressed: The catch-22 of depression

Updated: May 28, 2019

As explained in my last post, depression is caused by reaching the conclusion that life can no longer go as you desire it to. You have reached a point where your goals now seem impossible; you have developed the subconscious mantra, "Why bother".

There is a catch-22 to this condition, as with most health conditions. The health condition itself has now become the obstacle; the depression is what is getting in the way of you being able to make life go the way you believe it needs to. Your mental state is now the highest hurdle. 

The catch-22 of depression is being depressed about having depression.

You have reached a double "why bother". This is where most people are at, by the time they seek assistance from a counsellor or psychologist. Their depression has become what they fear most.


To get to a point where you can beat depression permanently, you need to dramatically change your entire view of life. You need a thorough education on what life is really all about. You need to understand that life is more about learning than achieving. It's great to have goals, but its more about the journey towards them and the lessons you learn along the way. In fact, depression itself is just one of those many lessons. Depression is teaching you a lot about life; it's teaching you to reevaluate your current views and beliefs. You are always learning and you are always growing. Depression can not get in the way of your true growth; in fact, it is contributing to it.

If you or someone you care about suffer from depression, I highly recommend you study the work of my teacher Greg Neville. His book and audio program cover all of what I am talking about here and much more. 


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