• Jay Logan

Finding joy in the simple things

We spend a large part of our lives in the pursuit of happiness. Seeking more of that feeling of joy and content that pops up in moments of our lives.

We continue to add new activities, new stuff, new experiences and relationships into our lives hoping they will fill that hole; that void in our lives. Looking at the correlating increases in consumerism, materialism, and poor mental health, this approach seems to be failing us.

What we often overlook is the fact that happiness and joy are really just emotions. They result from our perspectives, rather than things we own or experience. Our external possessions can be fun and improve our quality of life in many ways, but they can never provide us with lasting happiness. What happens if you lose them? What happens if you lose it all? Then where will your happiness be?

Lasting happiness and joy stem from holding deep understandings about life; about reality. Only when we view the world around us with eyes of awe and appreciation, can we find contentment in the simple things. Sitting on a park bench; walking on the sand at the beach; watching animals in nature; all these simple experiences can bring us tremendous amounts of joy and gratitude when coupled with a fresh perspective. Just being there, just doing whatever you are doing can be a beautiful experience.


  1. Happiness and joy are emotions.

  2. Your emotions are dictating the views and perspectives you hold of the world around you.

  3. Consider how amazing it is to be alive.

  4. Consider that this could be the last experience you ever have. Are you really paying attention? Are you savouring this moment?


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