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Juice feasting for optimal health and reversing disease

A haven’t posted a single thing on my blog in the last month or two. You see, I have been busy. Damn busy, in fact. I’ve been busy spending the last 42 days detoxifying and cleansing my body like never before. Busy making 4-6 litres of fresh fruit and vegetable juice every morning, busy doing dry skin brushing, busy exercising, busy hitting the sauna, busy having hot and cold showers, busy cleansing my colon and liver, busy enjoying a new found level of energy and clarity of mind that I have never experienced before. Admittedly, I have also been busy suffering from some nasty detox symptoms too.

You see, I have always been fascinated by the concept of water fasting for health and reversing disease. I’d even said out loud, several times, that if I was to ever get cancer or a serious health condition I would certainly use fasting as my primary intervention.

The only thing was that I didn’t have cancer, and my health was above average by most standards. I had never felt the urgency to fast and couldn’t see how it would be possible to take 40+ days out of my busy schedule to live on water only. Apparently, when you complete a water fast you must rest most of the day and it can take a long time to recover from the experience. Likewise, juice fasting (living exclusively on small amounts of mostly vegetable juice) involves a drastically reduced calorie intake that would negatively affect my training, body composition and ability to function normally at work.

But more recently, I came across a fascinating concept called juice feasting.

Also known as a solid food vacation, juice feasting is different in several ways:

  1. You eat ample calories in the form of fruit and vegetable juices, addressing any nutrient deficiencies.

  2. You give you digestive system a well-earned rest which accelerates and assists deeper levels of detoxification.

  3. You maintain lean body mass or muscle mass(very important for health and metabolism).

  4. You support the organs of elimination with specific foods, herbs and enemas if needed.

  5. You still have lots of energy to work and remain social.

  6. You're not starving all the time.

  7. No recovery time is needed.

  8. You can continue fasting for longer periods of time without issue.

Curiosity eventually got the better of me. After listening to several videos and interviews with Juice feasting guru, John Rose, I decided to jump in and give it a try in early December.

I must say I felt pretty good before starting the juice feast; only a few skin, and digestive complaints. But I was well aware of the years of punishment my body was put through in my early twenties. Recreational drugs, regular drinking, smoking, lots and lots of junk food, strong antibiotics, body building supplements, anabolic steroids, the list goes on. I clearly recall my health taking a turn for the worst after that period of my life and I become motivated to attempt to undo the deeper levels of harm that was done.

It has been an amazing journey so far. I have had many breathtaking highs along with a few challenging lows. I originally set out to fast for 30 days, but at day 42 now, I am amazed by the way I feel and the experiences I have had. I have decided to listen to my body and keep going until I feel that the bulk of the detoxification is done and its time to eat. I will be sharing all my experiences, the lessons I have learned and the how to information via my blog and YouTube channel over the coming weeks.

Let me leave you with some links to the videos that helped me get started on my journey. I hope they stimulate your curiosity in the same way. Please ask any relevant questions in the comments so I know which videos and articles to create first.


John Rose's lecture on juice feasting

Dr Rosa after completing 21 days of juice feasting under John Rose's guidance

John Rose featuring on the Debra Duncan Show in the states

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