• Jay Logan

Measuring your true development

Whether we like it or not, we are growing; we are developing every day of lives until the day we die. We may not like what we see in the mirror at times or the circumstances we are experiencing, but regardless we are growing and developing.

Development, growth, activity are always taking place, it's automatic. But development in what?

Most people would agree with the statements "We grow from our environment" or "Life develops us", but never take the time to consider what exactly is growing and developing.

It is true that we grow from our life experiences. Everything we encounter is data to our mind. From the sight of a tree to the sound of the television. Walking down the street or looking out the window. All of these experiences are contributing to our development. Every little thing is helping us grow in understandings, to grow in wisdom.

This is the key

Life is always developing us. Life is developing our understandings about life, our wisdom. That wisdom and understanding are what allow us to see our reality clearly. It allows us to see our purpose, our true value and the value of others.

From this perspective we can see that we are always receiving, always growing, always benefiting from our experiences, as challenging as they may be. We can understand that life is more about our development of understandings versus our ability to control life, achieve our goals and prove ourselves.


Next time you fail or succeed at achieving a goal, reflect for a moment on what lessons you have learned about life in the process. That's where the real development took place.


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