• Jay Logan

Silence for investigation and recalibration

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

It’s been a while.

In fact, it's been almost year since a blog post or video has been shared here. Previously, there was a regular sharing of content and lots of social media engagement, but over the last year there has been absolutely none.

Why the silence? 

Well, to be honest, there was a need for silence. Some time for investigation and recalibration.

At some point over the last year, a shift took place that radically changed how I view and experience life. This body and mind were opened up in ways I never imagined being possible or even necessary, truly surprising me and testing the limits of my being. 

Now the dust has settled, I find myself going about life as before. But experientially, something is fundamentally different. No matter where I go or what I do, it feels different; it feels beautiful. 

Recently I was encouraged to speak up after helping others with their struggles and challenges. Likewise, two teachers who lovingly guided and supported me in my own journey suggested I share my experience and begin teaching or counselling myself. 

So, here I am.

I’ll be sharing free content on my blog and YouTube channel, with a focus on life, spirituality and non-duality. Rather than rambling on, I would prefer to answer questions, so please ask.

In addition, I will cater my services more to align with this new perspective, sharing what has been realised and supporting those who may want help with life or their own spiritual journey. 

New services:

Holistic counselling & spiritual mentoring

A holistic approach of counselling that guides you towards ultimate clarity. Rather than focusing on achievement and trying to control life situations, we focus on coming to truly know ourselves and understand reality. This understanding can help awaken us to lasting peace and happiness, regardless of our life circumstances.

For those on a "spiritual path" or more "spiritually" inclined, our spiritual mentoring offers loving and supportive guidance for anyone interested in spiritual awakening or the embodiment of that insight into full realisation.

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Yogic exercises coupled with the yoga (non-dual) understandings can drastically help to loosen up these tensions or ‘me’ feelings in the body, and allow one to taste and sense the relaxed and open qualities of the awakened state, where one is merged into present experience and at peace with life.

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Holistic health and fitness coaching

An approach to health and fitness that holistically supports the body and mind. Using a unique combination of strength training, mobility work and yoga exercises, we address unique physical imbalances and tensions held in the body, and improve overall health and well being. 

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