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Simon got leaner and meaner while on a quest to touch his toes

Updated: May 28, 2019

When I first met Simon, he was a little overweight and hoping to get into better shape. 

Despite having some body fat to lose, further testing revealed that Simon had some of the tightest muscles I've ever encountered. He needed some serious help loosening up and strengthening his body, while at the same time shedding that excess body fat.

Rather than focus on weight loss alone, we approached the situation holistically, leading to a simplistic strength training program coupled with some sport-related cardio activity and intelligent diet modifications. Around that, we also added basic stretching, mobility work and, of course, some Zen wisdom. 

Simon stuck to the plan and resisted the temptation to deviate. Due to his compliance and consistency, the results were truly outstanding. Simon's success is a great example of what happens when you focus on getting healthier versus getting shredded. You not only look good, you feel good. 

Before photo

After photo - stronger and 20kg lighter

Here is a short Q&A with Simon.

1. What made you start training with me?

I gained a lot of weight in recent years due to a busy lifestyle and not thinking too much about my food choices. I was tired and lethargic most of the time, and not really happy or healthy.

2. What results have you achieved during our time working together?

I've lost close to 20kg since I started training with Jay and most of it was achieved over the first 3-4 months. I've had a noticeable increase in my energy levels and overall wellbeing, and I've also seen improvement in my overall strength and mobility which has helped me as I play soccer with my local team.

3. What do you like most about the way we train together?

Jay really takes the time to explain the technique and purpose of the exercise and pushes you but in a positive way. 

4. What have you learned?

The biggest thing has been the importance of diet and being aware of what you put into your body. I've learned more about how my body works and am definitely more "in tune" with it. I'm feeling healthier, more flexible and stronger.

5. What advice would you give others hoping to achieve similar results to yours?

Train hard and think even harder about your diet. Listen to Jay as he will take the time to personalise your approach and try to incorporate the things you can enjoy eating into your diet, at the end of the day it has to be sustainable. Did I mention listen to Jay?

6. What would you like to focus on next?

Further improving my mobility and starting to work on building some muscle mass.

I’d also like to add that Simon recently smashed his goal for the City2Surf with a time of 69.18 minutes, and won his soccer grand final the following week.

Well done Simon. Very proud of you mate.


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