• Jay Logan

The 3 ultimate life hacks

I've previously discussed my thoughts on life hacks and why they often don't work. They fail to address the individual's unique values and priority of values.

That being said, there certainly are a few fundamental understandings that can radically change your daily experience of life. These foundational understandings can turn you into a happier, wiser and possibly more productive person.

1. Realise that free will does not exist.

This one is probably the hardest to understand, but also the most insightful and life-changing. When you truly understand that every human on this planet, including yourself, has been making a series of reactions rather than choices throughout their lives, you can never look at life the same way. Anger towards yourself and others is dissolved, guilt and regret are dissolved, understanding and perhaps even gratitude take their place.

2. Realise that life is about learning and contribution rather than achievement.

Most people turn to life hacks to try and make life go the way they desire. They are looking to override their own beliefs instead of understanding them. The funny thing is that while we go about trying to make life go a certain way, we run into various scenarios and people. When we run into these people, we learn a little and we teach a little. Just by behaving the way we do naturally, we are contributing to other people's understandings about life, contributing to their development and wisdom. This is our true value in life. Our true value is automatic, never in jeopardy and unrelated to how successful we are at achieving our goals. The beauty of life takes place in the journey.

3. Realise that life can not go wrong.

Life can't go wrong? Yes, life never goes wrong. Live unfolds exactly as it does, based on all the billions of causative factors involved in how it came to be that way. It's better known as "cause and effect", and it's involved in every single experience you ever have. Nothing happens without something having caused it. If we consider understanding #2 again for a moment and join it together with the understanding of cause and effect, we can clearly see that we were destined to encounter certain experiences, and those experiences either challenging or neutral are helping you and others grow.


We all incredibly unique individuals with various unique goals in life, and that's a beautiful thing. While we go about pursuing those goals and doing our best to make them a reality, an amazing thing happens. We run into circumstances and people that help us grow. We grow in wisdom and understandings until finally, one day, we can see that we are also very alike. We are all human, we are all learning and teaching, we are all part of a living breathing organism called humanity. Race, religion or social status means nothing from this viewpoint. You see that everyone is equally as important as one another.

So next time life throws you a curve ball, consider:

  • Could this situation really have been any other way?

  • What are the benefits to this situation?

  • How is this situation helping me to learn and grow?

  • What example am I providing to others and how can help?


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Or, to learn more about free will: The illusion of free will: Why you have never really made a decision in your whole life

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