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The first post: What to expect...

Updated: May 28, 2019

Since this will be the first official post on my blog, I feel it is appropriate to explain what the hell this blog is about and what sort of content the readers can expect before I get things rolling.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about life. All aspects of life but mostly health and lifestyle. I will be discussing what the art of life is and how one can find health and happiness in modern times.

After decades of research, study and workplace experience in the health industry, I have learned a lot and encountered some groundbreaking work that hasn't seen much light in the general public. I am hoping this blog can share that knowledge and wisdom with millions of people around the globe. I feel confident that the content here will change people's lives for the better just as it has mine. 

What can readers expect?

  1. Health, fitness and spirituality discussion.

  2. A thorough education on of the cause and cure of stress, depression and many other health conditions.

  3. Book and fad reviews where I break things down from a unique perspective. Hint: Free will is an illusion and you're here to learn vs succeed.

  4. Art in the form of photography, writing, music and who knows what else.

  5. Lots of cool stuff.

Now that I have broken the ice, subscribe and prepare for regular posts and lots of juicy content.

If you find any of the content interesting or helpful, please share it with others.


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