• Jay Logan

The voice in your head

Updated: May 28, 2019

Have you ever noticed the narrator in your mind? The commentator of all your life experiences that never seems to shut up?

"I better get ready for work now"

"I'll just put this down here"

"I need to call so-and-so"

"Are this nachos vegan? I bet they put cheese in it. Cheese is bad, it comes from cow boobies, those poor cows"

etc etc.

While our mind operates and filters our environment, the voice in our head commentates. It's so prolific, that we rarely even stop and consider about what,s taking place upstairs between our ears.

Think for a moment. You are listening to the voice of your own mind. You are mentally verbalising your own thought processes. How strange. Just imagine for a moment if you did this out loud all day long. Perhaps the main difference between a sane and insane person is that one keeps their mouth closed?

Two things to think about here:

1. We have no control over these thoughts

They just happen as we view life. Really, we're just watching the circuits of the subconscious mind light up and become conscious. There is no WILL being used here. If there was, we could use that will to choose to stop this internal chatter, or think happy and productive things all the time. 

2. Enjoy the show

If you're able to observe this activity objectively, why not pay a little attention to what's going on inside. Notice the repetitive thoughts and the stories you have about yourself and the objects around you. Nestle into that space of observation, learn who you really are.


As you dwell in this space of observation more often, you may come to understand your unique conditioning more deeply and identify with it less. You'll begin to see your personal filters, and in doing so see the truth also. 


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