• Jay Logan

Waiting to be happy

Most of us are encouraged to think about the future and be goal orientated in life. We are taught to think big, work hard and then maybe if we stay “positive” we will get what we desire out of life. All of this is in the hope that when we arrive at this future date, this "someday", we might feel content, at peace, whole.

This seems to be the way society works and how most people live, including myself at some point. We work hard in hope of someday arriving. 

Something about this has just never sat right with me though. Who really wants their happiness to be hinged on some future event that may or may not happen? Who really wants to wait until “someday” before they can feel at peace? Such anticipated happiness would likely be short-lived anyway.

Life becomes magical in the millions of small moments that make you dance and smile.

It’s been my experience that there is another way. A way in which we can have a good sense of our values, direction and associated goals. Yet we can remain primarily in love with the moment, with the process and the journey.

These days I find myself enjoying life’s little moments of interaction, creativity and contribution. In love with good company, a cup of tea, late night talks and moments in nature. There is still a sense of purpose and direction to my day, but I’m more content, more flexible and just enjoying the process.

Goals still happen, and achieving them can be fun, but there is no longer the sense that I need life to be a certain way before I can be happy. I feel that the journey is where the true joy and happiness lies. Life becomes magical in the millions of small moments that make you dance and smile.


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