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What happens to your body on a juice feast?

Updated: May 28, 2019

Okay, so you have decided to do a juice feast. Good for you. Now, what does that really mean, and what will actually be happening to your body during this process?

No food, only juice.

Sure, that is the premise for any juice feast or juice fast. You won’t be eating any solid food for a certain length of time, as a result, several things will take place:

1. Your gut will be empty

Your stomach and intestines won’t have any fibre or bulk to process. As a result, stomach acids and secretions will change and your body will focus on removing any remaining old matter from the intestines.

2. Detoxification will increase

While it is true that your body is always detoxing, it does so less or more depending on what other demanding tasks it has at hand. Since digesting food is a very demanding task that takes a lot of energy and attention, once we stop eating, our body cranks up the detox intensity.

3. Rest and healing may take place

Once your intestines are empty (this can take over 30 days due to hardened old fecal matter stuck in the intestines), your intestines will only have nutritious juices flowing through them. As a result, the inflamed tissues lining the gut will get a well-earned rest and damaged tissues will have a chance to heal.

4. Other organs may cleanse too

The liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and skin will all finally have a chance to flush out stones and congestion.

5. Common health problems may disappear

It’s very common that once the body becomes clean and well nourished your existing health conditions may improve or totally disappear. Conditions such as arthritis, eczema, acne, leaky gut, migraines and many others have all been reported to disappear for people following juice feasting and detox protocols. This makes sense, as once you have removed existing toxins and nourished your cells with nutritious, fresh, fruit and vegetable juice each day, your body will be able to function at a higher level.

Sounds good, right?

You bet it is. I’ll be posting more content this month guiding you through the "how to" side of juice feasting and detoxification.


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