We are all here to learn

October 15, 2016





After finally creating a blog, something which I have said I would do for a long time I've had a lot of trouble deciding what to write about first. There are so many interesting topics to discuss that it's hard to know where to begin.


I want to talk about all things related to life, including health and fitness but I feel it's important I start with the mind. I have come to realise over many years of study and working with clients that your personal views about life effect your health more than any other factor. You can eat the perfect diet, have a fantastic lifestyle and flawless exercise routine but still suffer poor health if your view of reality is jaded. 


There are some key fundamentals to discuss before anyone can really understand the information I will be sharing on this site in regards the mind-body connection, and probably the most important idea of all is this:





~You and I are here on this planet and in this body to learn.





Perhaps this sounds obvious but I question whether most people truly grasp the idea. Popular religious and philosophical ideas circulating seem to promote a very different idea, the idea that we are here to achieve. In fact, if you look deep enough you can see that our society indirectly encourages us to measure ourselves by our achievements. I refer to this as "The achievement model" a term coined by my teacher and mentor Greg Neville. The achievement model actually states that we should measure ourselves by our achievements. We are here to try our best to make life go the way we want it to and achieve goals a, b and c. 


However, as we go about trying to achieve our goals and make life go the way we want we run into obstacles and situations. It’s through these life experiences that we actually learn about life. It's an automatic process and it happens whether we realise it or not. While I have heard many people say throughout my life “Oh he or she just never seem to learn” on the contrary the one thing we are all doing every day of our lives is learning. From the people we talk to, the books we read and the body language or behaviour of a complete stranger at the grocery store. All of this incoming data adds up into new understandings about life.


So next time something unexpected happens in your day, or plans don’t go as planned. Try asking your self this simple question. “What am I learning from this experience?”. It may be that you learn some additional information that helps you with a current project, or how not behave in the future based on failed attempt at a task or another's example of poor behaviour. But regardless you can be sure that every day you wake up you are going to encounter many experiences both challenging and supporting that will help you grow as a person, help you grow in wisdom.






1. Some philosophies state that the purpose of life is achievement while others would oppose that we are here to learn and grow. (I will get much more detailed about which makes you stressed and which improves your health in future articles).

2. These Opposing philosophies could be termed as the “Achievement model” vs the “Wisdom model”

3. Every day we are going to have unique life experiences both challenging and supportive that help us grow as a person.

4. Regardless of whether you achieve your goals or not, you are learning along the way.

5. Measure yourself by your level of wisdom and understanding about life vs your ability to achieve goals and make life go the way you want it to.




I hope you found the information in this article interesting and helpful. If so please share it via social media with people you care about.

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