Understanding how your brain works & a big scary dog!

November 28, 2016



Before you can understand any of the work related to the body-mind connection you need to clearly understand how the brain works. You need to understand the mechanics of learning and process of development. Through that many of societies common phrases, understandings and expectations fall apart, they lose their validity. While I will create some more detailed articles and videos explaining this in the future the most important points to understand are as follows:


1. Every experience you encounter in life subjects you to data or information. 

2. Over time this information adds up bit by bit into understandings and beliefs.

3. Every future experience you encounter will be assessed and processed via those beliefs.

4. Every response you make to your life situations will be processed subconsciously via those beliefs.




A man is walking through a park. As he walks his brain is subconsciously assessing his environment. He assesses the environment via his current beliefs. “I believe that is a tree, I believe that is a beautiful tree, I believe that that is a beautiful tree because it reminds me of a tree that was in my yard as a child” etc etc. This is subconscious, all the individual is aware of is the “feeling” that this is a beautiful tree. As the man continues to walk he identifies a large dog running towards him. Again the process goes “I believe that is a dog. I believe that is a large dog. I believe that large dogs can be dangerous due to a news report I recently watched about dog attacks. Therefore I believe I should stand still and be ready to defend myself”. And again all the man is aware of is that “feeling" that he should stand still and be ready to defend himself. 


But then something amazing happens. The large dog runs straight up to the man, his tail wagging, he cautiously sniffs the man's leg and then proceeds to lick the man's hand. This in conflicting data!. This experience has altered the man's current belief system about large dogs. Due to this experience the man has additional data added to his current belief system about large dogs. The man now believes that not all large dogs are dangerous. The man now believes that some large dogs can be playful and friendly. So the next time he encounters a large dog he will assess the situation via that new perspective and he will respond accordingly.






This is the process that takes place during every moment of our day. We are constantly assessing our environment via our belief systems and responding via our belief systems. Every little experience provides data to our mind and contributes to our growth. Can you see what this points to?


All of our actions are governed by our belief systems.


How foolish it is for us to expect others to behave a certain way that is outside of their current understandings and belief systems.


How valuable every experience we encounter is. Every moment is contributing to our development and helping us to learn and grow in wisdom.


What seems to be conscious decision making and our gut feeling is often just the subconscious mind at work.


Understanding this changed the way I viewed life. It freed me from the prison of unrealistic expectations of myself and others and shifted me towards understanding and contemplation. 





I hope you found this article 

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