Be more like a tree

December 7, 2016


I often find myself gazing at trees in awe. Their beauty and magnificence can teach us so many lessons about life. In fact, I often use them as powerful analogies for explaining life and our human experience. Today I will share a simple lesson that trees teach us about remaining flexible and receptive to whatever is taking place in life.


Consider for a moment what would happen if a tree remained stiff and resistant, if it refused to accept that the wind was blowing heavily at its leaves and branches. Surely the tree would snap and its branches would fall. This is not how trees behave in nature. As the wind blows the tree moves with the flow of air, they bend and sway, flowing with nature. The tree doest not resist the wind and weather, it moves with it and adapts to whatever nature throughs at it. Likewise, if we remain resistant to reality, If we remain stiff and fail to accept things as they are or fail to see the order in what unfolds before us we will break psychologically. We will experience stress, anger, and regret if we insist things should have or could have been some other way.


Take a lesson from the wise tree. Remain flexible and move with life. Accept reality as it is and see the order of life unfolding.



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