The art of cutting loose | How to let of steam

January 28, 2017




Over time I have come to realise that cutting loose, being silly and having a good laugh are very important parts of life.


Let's face it life can seem pretty serious at times. Work to get done, bills to pay, things to do etc. Letting off some steam in a way that is fun for you can make all the difference when things get a little crazy.


I have found that during these moments of wildness it becomes a meditation of sorts. It gives you some time and space to mull things over. All of a sudden your problems seem much smaller as you consider the big picture. Finally, if you look hard enough you come to find a sense of awe and gratitude about the challenging situations themselves. You see the benefits and how they are helping you to grow in understandings and wisdom. You realise they are your greatest teachers.


Some simple ways to let off steam and have a good time


1. Put on some loud music that lifts your spirit and dance around the house like a maniac


2. Go to a music festival, get lost in the music and dance for hours

Hint: You don't need drugs to have a good time


3. Have a killer workout and push yourself to your limit


4. Sing loudly to a favourite song while driving your car


5. Watch a comedy movie and laugh yourself silly, with company is even better


6. Go out with a group of friends and have a wild time. 


Finally remember its okay to be a total lunatic in public as long as no one else is being hurt in the process. In fact, it helps to loosen other people up a bit. So in a sense by having a good time you serving others. You have my permission to be a complete goof.



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