Tips to help busy people get their S%#T together

March 23, 2017





A large percentage of my existing clients are business owners or busy professionals. They come to me with jam-packed schedules and a level of health and fitness that has been declining gradually over the years as they work themselves into the ground. 


I get it. I've been there myself. I know how it feels to be excited to build your business, to serve people. I know how easy it is to miss that workout again or buy fast food instead of making your own. But there is a better way, and it doesn't need to take up much of your precious time.




First, let me say that it's worth it. Looking after you bodies essential needs helps you to function better. Just making a few simple lifestyle changes can dramatically improve your vitality and performance. This not only helps you at work but helps you to be a better human in general. A little effort goes a long way.






Here are a few things which I have found help busy people get their shit together.


1. Fuel you body with nutritious food

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, tubers. Eat more plants, fewer animals and less processed crap. If performance matters, if you need to be on your A game it makes sense to put the best possible fuel available into your body. 


2. Keep hydrated

Your body and brain function better when you properly hydrated. Drink enough so that you're peeing clear many times throughout the day. 


3. Exercise at least 2-3 times per week

If you're short of time the best bang for your buck is strength training. Add some mobility to address any postural issues and a little conditioning to keep your fitness up. Done    


4. Get more sleep

Most business owners and professionals I meet are underslept. While it's totally fine to work hard and put in the extra hours when you need to, it's wise to get more sleep whenever you can. Doing so improves performance and mental cognition significantly!


“A fool sleeps when he has to. A wise man sleeps when he can”

 ~ Unknown


5. Gratitude

Yes, that word again. I say it a lot, but that’s because gratitude dissolves so many of our psychological issues. Despite working long hours, despite giving, giving, giving to others. With the right attitude, you can remain passionate and energised. Never forget that you are always receiving in life. Always! You are alway learning, receiving and gaining from others. You are a valuable part of society and you are incredibly lucky to be alive, to be having these experiences. Enjoy the grind and the interaction with others while maintaining that attitude of gratitude.


6. Delegate and outsource

If you're still struggling to get you shit together, hire some people to do it for you. Time is precious when you're running a company or working at a high level. It’s better to keep focussed and let someone else take care of things. Hire someone to make your food or order a meal service. Hire a personal trainer or life coach (shameless plug). Seriously, if it helps you keep your health and vitality up its worth it. It will improve your performance and productivity at work and prevent you needing to take time off later because you are sick or burnt out. If you're running a company or in a position of power, you are not only a role model but the driving force behind the organisation, so you had better look after yourself.





I've seen many people turn their health around just by making these simple changes. And you don't have to be a CEO or business owner to implement these tips. Look after yourself, look after your basic needs and you will experience a better quality of life.


Please comment below if you have any other tips for busy people

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