Forget abilities, it's your messed up perspective

April 27, 2017





I learned something amazing from one of my teachers Greg Neville. I learned that if we look deeply at what people are stressed about in society, we can see that often they are concerned about abilities. The ability to communicate, the ability to overcome obstacles, the ability to stand out, to attract a partner, to parent, to make a vegan meatloaf etc etc. We've become so concerned that we need more or less of these particular abilities so that we can make life go the way we believe it needs to go and so be seen to be valuable, to be worthy.


Our behaviour has very little to do with our abilities and more to do with our priorities. .


It's so important to realise that your abilities in life are fine. In fact, they're perfect. they're not governing how you behave in a given situation, your beliefs are. If you can see that you have concerns about a particular topic in life or an ability, it's likely you need to reflect on your current beliefs and learn more about that topic until you feel okay about it again. 


You still have lessons to learn about life, we all do. And life will continue challenging us until you learn them. If you have concerns about particular abilities you will develop health conditions that reflect those concerns. More on that later.

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