Loving the tough times

May 18, 2017





Tough times, challenges, struggles and tension are all part of life. These life experiences push us into the unknown, push us to grow.

They can be scary. You can feel like you going to implode from the pressure. But the truth is you will be okay. The truth is these challenges are actually serving you.




“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” 
― Ryan Holiday




It's in this tension, during these challenges we are subjected to information and data. Our current beliefs are tested and often altered to form new perspectives that allow us to understand and enjoy life more. We grow from all life experiences and tough times are no exception. In fact, I would say that tough times offer us a unique opportunity for growth. They can force massive change by exposing us to complex problems, scenarios and unknown people. Shit gets serious and as a result, we are exposed to a huge variety of information 




It's wise to use the tough times for reflection and perspective. When your tense and feeling uncomfortable consider the following:


Why am I feeling scared and tense?


Is this situation really that serious?


Is it really life threatening?


What is the worst that could happen?


If the worst did happen what could I do next?


What am I learning from this situation?


What would be the wisest way to handle this situation?




Now that you have responded and handled the situation, you can remember that it's okay to step into challenges, to step into life. That's where the magic happens. 

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