Sorry but your guru is full of s%#t

July 31, 2017






I have read more spiritual and self-help books than anyone else I know. It has become a sort of addiction, a process of exploring various philosophies and digging for golden nuggets. 


Throughout this process of exploring, I've found many brown nuggets or turds along the way. Sometimes even turds dusted with diamonds and golden sprinkles. They seem beautiful at first glance, but still turn out to be warm soft and smelly upon closer inspection. 


I find it quite disappointing to learn that praised intellectuals and spiritual teachers are still overlooking the most basic and fundamental aspects of human psychology and life it's self. If it sounds nice people tend to believe it, diamonds and golden sprinkles really seem to work. However the funky smell in the air remains. 



Things smell a little funky if.....


1. The teacher believes in free will and the control over one's thoughts and actions.


2. The teaching is focussed on achievement vs learning, wisdom and peace of mind


3. The teaching focuses more on emotions than understanding our conditioning.


4. The teacher has a health condition or died from a health condition.

   (This is evidence that their body is reflecting their incorrect views about life)




Due to this golden sprinkles issue I have decided to begin creating a series of video reviews on various books, talks and philosophies. I'll share a different perspective on the topics at hand. I'm hoping this will shine some light on the core issues in the new age/spiritual vocabulary. It should be entertaining to say the least.



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