Do you take your smartphone to the toilet?

November 8, 2017




The smartphone. What a truly amazing creation. The supercomputers of the past, many as big as your kitchen, now pale in comparison to the small rectangular object residing in your back pocket.


We have instant access to information. We can learn how to do almost anything for free. We can connect with people all around the world and share our thoughts and opinions about various topics. This should be a good thing right? And yet, there is a problem.


Despite this so-called "connectedness", I feel that in reality, we are becoming more and more isolated. I see people lost in the glow of screens as real life passes by. I sense a social awkwardness developing as the lines between the digital world and reality blur. See, I'm one of those weirdos that will look strangers in the eye and say hello as I pass them by in the street. However, I've noticed over time that this is becoming harder and harder to do. Many people now have earplugs in and their eyes glued to screens as they walk around. Often if I do get their attention they look at me like I'm some sort of weirdo and ignore me.



Imagine for just a moment that you had the same relationship with a large desktop computer



Now please dont get me wrong. I'm not anti-tech or anti-smartphone. I just find some of our behaviour a little disturbing.

For instance. Have you ever noticed how we tend to take our smartphones everywhere with us? Have you ever stopped and thought how strange that is?


No? Well let me help you


Imagine for just a moment that you had the same relationship with a large desktop computer. Imagine you lugged it everywhere with you and used it while you were out and about. Say on the train or in the street. Perhaps at lunch with friends or a social gathering. Or let's get real..... in the toilet or in your bed placed between you and your partner. Sounds funny right? But I think it's worth considering that although the device is smaller, it's still pretty strange behaviour.






In truth, we can have a perfectly healthy relationship with our smartphones. But if you cant help yourself. If you find yourself checking your phone constantly, even in social situations. Well, you may be missing some beautiful moments.


You may miss out on your child's first steps, a breathtaking sunset, a loving gaze from your partner. Perhaps even an old friend passing you by in the street. Now that would be a real shame. 


Just a thought


Love Jay

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