Understanding lazy people

December 6, 2017










As a society, we seem to despise laziness and consider it a crime worthy of punishment. Those labelled lazy are often considered freeloaders, useless, , or unintelligent slobs. But is that really fair? 


Perhaps we've been so quick to point the finger at laziness that we have overlooked the truth and what's actually taking place when someone is spending their days on the sofa eating Doritos and watching Netflix? Because once you understand that free will is an illusion and that nobody is actually in control of their behaviour, you discover a very big problem with the idea of laziness. You discover that it doesn't actually exist. In fact, there isn't a lazy person on this planet, not even one.




There isn't a lazy person on this planet, not even one.








'Excuse me sir. Why are you a lazy slob?'


Due to the couch potatoes unique body-mind conditioning, a huge amount of subconscious mental activity has brought him to the conclusion that the sofa is THE place to be. He actually believes that sitting on the couch is the best thing that he could be doing at that moment, given the situation and his personal beliefs and values. He has zero control in this process. In fact, he remains unaware of 99.999995% of the reasons he's even sitting on his butt in the first place. Nothing other than a 'Feeling' or a simple thought like 'Oooh Netflix' comes into his awareness. 


Now, of course, I'm not condoning sitting on sofas and lazing about all day. A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy and if someone isn't leaving their house for any reason other than to buy more Doritos they may have some problems.


But how about approaching so called lazy people with a little more warmth and understanding? Perhaps we should take the time to care, take the time to sit down and talk with them. Show a little love and find out why they are sitting there in the first place . Because one thing is for sure, they aren't just lazy. They are sitting there for a reason. In fact, it's rather lazy of us to label people lazy.



Just a thought






Side note:


It's very interesting to learn how concerns about the topic of "Laziness" are related to the health condition called DIABETES. 


I'll be covering that in a future post. Or you can check out Greg  Nevilles book "The psychology of health" for an extremely detailed explanation.

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