Top 5 pro's and con's of juice feasting

January 15, 2018




I write this post today while on the 27th day of a juice feast or juice fast. Right now my mind is calm and clear, my body is buzzing with energy. I’m experiencing the highs of a juice feast and I want to scream the benefits from a mountaintop. However, as tempting as it may be for me to focus purely on the benefits, I feel I should paint a balanced and realistic picture of what you could expect to experience if doing a juice fast yourself. 


As amazing as the experience of juice feasting can be, there are likely to be struggles and challenges along the way. So, in this post, I would like to share the top 5 Pro’s and Con’s you may experience while doing a juice feast.




The pro’s


1. Increased energy

2. Increased mental clarity

3. Increased detoxification removal of toxins

4. Removal of old waste matter from intestines, liver, kidneys and colon

5. Feeling of connection with others and the environment




The con’s


1. The preparation and storage of juice

2. Social situations can be uncomfortable at first 

3. Your friends may think you’re crazy

4. You may experience detox symptoms such as headaches, rashes, moodiness and nausea

5. You will see some disturbing things coming out of your body and begin questioning your diet and lifestyle habits from the past.



I will expand on these points further in a video format of this post. Plus I will be posting many more posts about juice feasting in detoxification over the next month while I continue on this journey myself.


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