"​In getting to know the body-mind, one can discover more clearly the nature of identification, and so let it go. The relaxed body is a relaxed mind. In a relaxed body and mind you are open to receiving, available, welcoming, open to the openness. The relaxed, light, energetic, sattvic body-mind is a near expression of our real nature.”

– Jean Klein, author, spiritual teacher and philosopher

So much more than just postures, breathing and chanting, true yoga works systematically to gradually loosen up and remove the deep layers of mental blockages and physical tensions that veil the truth of one's own nature, potentially resulting in self-realisation and liberation.


With some experienced guidance, yogic exercises coupled with the yoga (non-dual) understandings can drastically help to loosen up these tensions or ‘me’ feelings in the body, and allow one to taste and sense the relaxed and open qualities of the awakened state, where one is merged into present experience and at peace with life.

Always changing to suit the needs of the yogi, the yoga taught here varies. Inspiration is drawn from experience and influenced by the styles of yoga taught by Jean Klein (slow and contemplative) and Nisargadatta Maharaj (non-dual understanding).


One-on-one sessions run for 60 minutes and can be held in person or via Skype. 

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